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CDM Waste Management Guidelines

Sterlization tape may contain lead that exceeds the hazardous waste disposal limits for municipal trash disposal. CDM sterilization tape is Latex and Lead Free benefiting those with latex allergies and the environment from lead disposal. CDM’s choice for sterilization tape is through Schein Dental –Latex/Lead Free Sterilization Tape (Product # 1126361)
For CDM waste that is not specifically listed in the above guidelines (e.g., methyl methacrylate, gypsum powder) EH&S has prepared the 5Ls of hazardous waste management to ensure regulatory compliance throughout the CDM learning and clinical areas. Please affix a chemical/hazardous waste label to the closed, in good-condition container and then submit a chemical waste pickup request. If there are any questions regarding proper waste management or disposal, please contact EH&S at 212-305-6780.