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Institutional Health & Safety Council Members

Robert Lewy, M.D., MPH
Chair, Institutional Health & Safety Council
Muhammad Akram, PH.D., CHMM
Director of Occupational Safety, EH&RS/EH&S - HSD
Patsy Catapano, Esq.
Associate General Counsel
Kathleen Crowley, RPA-C, MPH
Peter Danilo, Ph.D.
Jorge Fischbarg, M.D.
Chair Institutional Biological Safety Committee/Professor of Ophthalmology
Mitchell Gipson
Executive Director, Audubon Business/Tech Center
Eric J. Hall, Ph.D.
Chair, Radiation Safety Committee/Higgins Professor of Radiation Oncology
Galene Kessin
Assistant Vice President, Health Sciences Personnel
Dennis Kohn, Ph.D.
Director, Institute for Comparative Medicine/Professor of Clinical Pathology
Dr. Donald S. Kornfeld, M.D.
Director, Institutional Review Board
Alvin Krasna, Ph.D.
Chair, Laboratory Safety Committee/Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Robert Lemieux
Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management
Salmen Loksen, MS, CHP, DABR
Director, Radiation Safety Office
Shirley Mah
Director, Risk Management Office
Chris Pettinato, MPH
Director of Environmental Safety, EH&RS/EH&S - HSD
Paul Rubock, MPH
Director of Biological Safety, EH&RS/EH&S - HSD
Richard Sohn, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Research Administration/ Director of Grants and Contracts
Jerome Mintz
Director, Safety Office, NY Presbyterian Hospital
Jaclyn VanLieu, MD, MPH
Corporate Medical Director, Occupational Health Services, New York Presbyterian Hospital

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