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Laser System Inspection Form

This inspection checklist should be used in conjunction with the Laser Registration Form. PIs are responsible for ensuring that each Class 3 and 4 laser in their laboratory is registered with EH&S and that their employees who use the laser are trained in laser safety.
Principal Investigator__________________________________ Department________________________
Telephone #_________________________________________ Email_____________________________
Building____________________________________________ Fl//Room Number___________________
Purpose or Intended Use:_________________________________________________________________

Personnel who will use laser system

NAME C.U. I.D.# STATUS (student/staff/faculty) Training Received
      LI Yes LINo
      LI Yes LINo
      LI Yes LINo
      LI Yes LINo
      LI Yes LINo
      LI Yes LINo
      LI Yes LINo
Laser Safety Control Measures
Administrative and Procedural Controls Yes No Comments
Laser sign posted on laboratory door      
Proper warning signs are posted around laser operation      
Access restricted to lab personnel/lab door kept locked      
New lasers have been registered with by EH&S      
Laser made or modified on campus registered with EH&S      
Written Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) available      
Written operating, maintenance and alignment procedures kept with laser equipment      
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)      
Goggles appropriate for the laser used are available and used      
Appropriate goggles are available for visitors      
Viewing cards for non-visible beam available      
Class 3 and 4 lasers signage posted to indicate that the use of      
eyewear is required to operate the device      
Other appropriate PPE is available for intended use      
Beam Hazard Controls Yes No Comments
Protective housing intact and interlocks tested or alternative controls reviewed by PI and stated in SOP?      
Access to laser is controlled to prevent accidental exposure to the laser beams by posting or controlling the entrance      
Laser controlled areas posted and equipment labeled with approved signs and labels      
Are windows and ports, which could allow a laser beam to stray into uncontrolled areas covered or protected during laser operation      
Beam stops present at end of all beam paths      
Barriers/screens (if present) are non-combustible      
No exposed wiring or electrical circuits      
Prior to each operation are following items checked?      
Protective eyewear is appropriate for laser operation and is clean/ free of damage      
All beams traced and dumped      
Optical bench free of unnecessary reflective items      
Beam path enclosed where possible      
If beam crosses walkway, are barriers posted, i.e., is a rope or chain placed across path during operation      
During operation are the following potential Non-Beam hazards controlled?      
Metallic Fumes      
Chemical Vapors      
Biological Plume      
Fire Hazard      
Explosive Hazard      
Compressed Gases in Use      
Laser Dyes in Use      
Ionizing radiation (x-rays)      
Exhaust ventilation adequacy      

COMMENTS: Inspected By___________________________________________ Date _____________________