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Health & Safety Manual - Chemical Hygiene Plan

1.9 Recordkeeping

1.9.1    Personal Exposure Monitoring
EH&S shall maintain accurate records of any measurement taken to monitor employee exposures for the duration of employment plus 30 years in accordance with the requirements of OSHA’s Access to employee and medical records standard (29CFR1910.1020). EH&S shall also keep any results of routine and non-routine personal and/or area monitoring and evaluations of worker exposures to chemicals as a result of accidents, spills, fires, or explosions. 

1.9.2    Training Records
All personnel training records are maintained in Rascal, including records of “live” training, provided that attendees note their attendance on the sign-is sheet at the time of training.

1.9.3    Medical Surveillance/Consultation Records
The physician or other licensed healthcare professional shall keep written records of all medical examinations and maintain these records for the duration of the employee’s employment, plus 30 years.

1.9.4    Availability of Records
Employees shall have access to their medical records in accordance with OSHA’s Access to employee and medical records standard (29CFR1910.1020).

1.9.5    Availability and Annual Review of the Chemical Hygiene Plan
The University’s CHP shall be made available to all laboratory personnel via the University Health & Safety Manual at  The laboratory-specific Laboratory Assessment Tool and Chemical Hygiene Plan (LATCH) shall be made available to all laboratory personnel in paper within the individual laboratory for which the LATCH applies. 

To determine the effectiveness of the CHP, EH&S’s Research Safety Specialists and laboratory personnel will conduct periodic laboratory inspections to review laboratory safety practices and CHP practices. The CHP shall be reviewed and updated by the Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO) at least annually, or more frequently based on findings, observations and procedural changes.