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Clinical Radiation Safety

1. Radiation Safety Training

All individuals working with (or in the vicinity of) radioactive materials or radiation-producing equipment will receive clinical radiation safety instruction before assuming their duties.  Additionally, refresher training will be provided annually and whenever there is a significant change in duties, regulations, terms of the license / permit, or type of radioactive material or therapy device used.  The training programs are developed and presented by the Columbia University Department of Environmental Health and Safety in both live and on-line formats.

A. Clinical Radiation Safety Orientation
B. Clinical Radiation Safety Training Schedule
C. Annual Radiation Safety Refresher

2. Dosimetry
4. Working with Radiation

A. Ordering/Procuring Radioactive Material
B. Safe Use of Radioactive Material

C. Safe Use of Radiation Producing Equipment
D. Surgery of Patient with Radioactive Material

5. Quality Assurance Programs

A. Calibrating Survey Meters
B. Quality Assurance Imaging Equipment
C. Lead Aprons
D. Radiation Safety Compliance Audits

6. Shipping Radioactive Material - If any department has interest in shipping radioactive material they should inform the Radiation Safety Office via phone at 212-305-0303 or email at

7. Approval of Physicians to Use or Prescribe Radioactive Material for Diagnosis or Therapy

8. Spill Response