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Clinical Radiation Safety - Decay-In-Storage

The following program will be used to manage radioactive waste with half-lives up to 90 days that is to be decayed-in-storage:

  1. No waste processing will be performed.
  2. Room B-425 in the Basement of the College of Physicians and Surgeons will be employed for decay-in-storage.  The room is 12 x 20 foot of poured concrete construction.  The room has a small secured window and is climate-controlled and sprinklered.  The room is outfitted with a walk-in freezer.
  3. Decay-In-Storage waste will be stored in black plastic bags (1.3 ml thickness.)  Any waste stored for more than a year will be placed in sturdy cardboard boxes lined with black plastic bags (1.3 ml thickness.)
  4. Decay-In-Storage waste will be segregated by half life and arranged on racks to allow visual inspection of all packages.
  5. The room will be locked when not in use and only Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) personnel and Public Safety Officers will have a key.
  6. The program will be supervised by the Radiation Safety Officer and implemented by the Environmental Health and Safety personnel.  Appropriately trained EH&S personnel will place packages into storage and conduct wipe tests and surveys.
  7. The following components will be incorporated into the management of the decay-in-storage program:
    1. Each box will be assigned an I.D. number.
    2. A written log will be kept where we will enter the box I.D. number, initial start date for empty box, date when it is full and goes into storage, contents of the box and projected date of removal from storage (after at least 10 half-lives).
    3. The log information will also be written on each box and a radiation label will be applied.
    4. Monthly inspections of packages in storage will be done along with wipe surveys of the storage area.  If packaging appears to be degrading, the waste will be repackaged.
    5. At disposal the date will be recorded in the log, radiation labels will be defaced, and the waste disposed of.
  1. All persons engaged in work under the license will receive initial training and annual refresher training that will ensure compliance with your procedures for decay-in-storage of LLRW.
  2. The activity of the waste to be decayed in storage will be consistent with maximum possession limits stipulated in the radioactive materials license.