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Joint Radiation Safety Committee (CUMC)

The New York City Department of Health law requires institutions that receive, possess, or transfer radioactive materials to obtains a specific city license and to establish a Radiation Safety Committee. The Joint Radiation Safety Committee of Columbia University Medical Center, New York Presbyterian Hospital and New York State Psychiatric Institute is authorized to evaluate proposals for and maintain surveillance over all uses of radioactive material within the institution, as well as to evaluate and oversee any administration of radioactive materials, regardless of whether the administration is for research or clinical treatments.

The JRSC and the RDRC have members in common and meet simultaneously and use the same set of forms for investigators. Please contact the JRSC/RDRC at 305-4095, for additional information regarding their application and review requirements for research involving radiation, radiation dosimetry, the significance of the dose or radioactive drugs.

JRSC Members
RDRC Members

Featured Information

Radiation Control Document, available for reference in the Radiation Safety Office. Copies can be purchased from the publisher, New York Legal Publishing Corporation, for a reasonable fee.

JRSC Contact: Yvette Acevedo
Radioactive Safety Committee Coordinator
722 West 168th Street, 4th Floor, Room 409
New York, NY 10032
Tel (212) 305-4095
Fax (212) 305-0318