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Working with RAM

Welcome to the “Working with RAM” section of the Research Radiation Safety website.  The following links and materials are designed to assist laboratories and Investigators who are currently working with RAM to maintain compliance and safe work practices.  Please contact the Radiation Safety program at EH&S for additional information or with any questions or concerns.

  • Procurement of RAM – Instructions for users to order RAM using Columbia’s eProcurement module in the ARC.
  • Safe Use RAM - Basic information on engineering and administrative controls and safe work practices for use with RAM
  • Laboratory Surveys– Information on surveying your laboratory for radioactive contamination before, during and after experimental procedures.
  • Liquid Scintillation Counter User Manual - Information on the use and maintenance of a liquid scintillation counter
  • Monitoring –Information on selecting and using the appropriate monitoring instrument(s) for your work.
  • Audits (Quarterly RS) - Labs which use and/or possess RAM are required to undergo quarterly audits.  Information on preparing for your lab’s  audit can be found by clicking the highlighted link.
  • Radioactive Waste Management - Information on disposal of RAM waste, including mixed wastes
  • Bioassays –Information regarding Bioassay scheduling
  • Dosimetry – The dosimetry program monitors RAM workers’ exposure to radiation.  Information on the University’s dosimetry program
  • Spills - Emergency response information in the event of a spill or other release of RAM
  • Loan and Transfer of RAM – Information regarding proper procedures to loan or transfer RAM
  • Extramural Transfer/Shipping - Information on the transport of RAM
  • Receipt and Opening of RAM Packages – Information and safe handling procedures for RAM packages
  • Documentation and Record Keeping – Information on the maintenance of records pertaining to work with RAM





Revised Feb, 2012