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Radioactive Materials Information

Radioactive Waste Guidelines

 - General guidelines for radioactive waste management

  1. Laboratory permitees must ensure, prior to the procurement of radioactive materials, that a method of disposal for the materials presently exists or can be worked out to the satisfaction of Radiation Safety.
  2. Each Radioisotope Laboratory must maintain accurate records of the types, quantities, and forms of radioisotopes which comprise the radioactive waste submitted from his/her laboratory to Radiation Safety (Completion of a Radioactive Waste Log Sheet fulfills this requirement).
  3. It is the Responsible Investigator's responsibility to secure proper storage for radioactive wastes generated in their laboratories.
  4. Radioactive waste containers shall be stored as close to the work area as feasible to minimize the possibility of spillage during the transfer of waste to the containers.
  5. Waste containers shall NOT be stored in hallways, stairwells or other uncontrolled areas.
  6. Radioactive waste containers shall be kept closed at all times when not in use.
  7. Regardless of content, each radioactive waste container shall be labeled with a "Caution Radioactive Materials" sticker.
  8. When handling or transferring radioactive waste, the individual shall wear appropriate laboratory attire including lab coat, disposable gloves, protective eye wear and closed toed shoes.
  9. Radioactive wastes containing carcinogens, biohazards, or extremely hazardous chemicals must be handled separately and packaged in such a way that they present minimal hazards to people who handle the wastes. Contact Radiation Safety for specific requirements.
  10. DO NOT combine different radioisotopes in the same waste container unless you have prior authorization from Radiation Safety to do so.
  11. Under NO circumstance shall radioactive waste be released into the sewage disposal system.
  12. DO NOT place any radioactive waste in regular trash receptacles.
  13. Package the waste properly according to the attached instructions