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Recall Policy and Procedures

Compressed Gas Cylinder Valves


Product and Medical Equipment Recall / Safety Advisory Process


Products that have been recalled by a vendor (distributor, manufacturer, supplier) or cited for a potential hazard may pose a significant health and safety risk. The Columbia University Purchasing Office in coordination with Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) shall be responsible for the initiation and coordination of all recalls for products and equipment ordered through Columbia University.


To ensure that products and equipment that have been recalled by a vendor or otherwise cited for safety hazards are removed from or placed out of service and properly disposed of, and that appropriate substitute products are obtained.


Columbia University in the City of New York.


  1. Pursuant to Columbia University Purchase Orders (POs), vendors who ship products to Columbia University are required (effective June 2002) to notify Purchasing and EH&S of any recalls.
  2. All reports relating to products and equipment recalls must be promptly (within 24 hours of receipt) directed to the Purchasing Office. (Purchasing will forward a copy as applicable to EH&S).
  3. Notification of recall from vendor must be date stamped when received. Recall and replacement procedures will be verified with the vendor by the Purchasing Office and the affected end-users. Vendors shall provide all necessary data in order to assist Columbia University personnel in identifying the scope of products/equipment involved in the recall and potential areas where the recalled products may be in use.
  4. The responsible personnel from the Purchasing Office shall coordinate with the vendor, end-users and as applicable, with EH&S.
  5. The Purchasing office will forward a copy of the recall notice to the NYPH Purchasing Department as well as the Columbia University Office of Risk Management.
  6. A copy of the official recall notice as well as respective instructions received from a vendor or agency must be forwarded to the affected end-users identified.
  7. End-users must follow the official instructions contained in the recall notice promptly upon receipt of such notice. In the event of questions concerning the technical implementation of any recall the end-users should consult with EH&S.
  8. End-users must report actions taken with respect to the recall notice and respective product disposition to the purchasing Office and EH&S.
  9. End-users should contact the vendor to arrange for appropriate product replacement. In the event this is not possible, the end users should contact the Purchasing Office for assistance in replacing the recalled products.
  10. The Purchasing Office, EH&S will keep each other informed and communicate in writing (E-mail) regarding each product recall notice received. Records must be maintained in the respective vendor files concerning actions taken and final disposition of respective products and their replacements.
  11. Any question or request for clarification concerning recalls should be addressed to the Purchasing Office or responsible EH&S Office on each campus.
  12. The report of all recalls and outcomes will be reported to the Institutional Health & Safety Council at the Health Sciences and the University Laboratory Safety committee at the Morningside campus.  


Director of Purchasing in coordination with the responsible AVP of EH&S