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Shop Safety

Columbia University Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S), in conjunction with faculty and shop managers, have developed Shop Safety Policy for those who currently, or may in the future, use power tools and heavy machinery in laboratories and academic shops. This Policy DOES NOT replace the formal machine specific training provided by your supervisor. Only trained personnel are permitted to use shop equipment.  Failure to follow safety rules can result in injury to yourself and /or others and will result in your removal from the shop and delay in finishing your work.

At least two trained persons (Buddy System) must be in the shop when power tools are being used unless permission from your supervisor is obtained. Before starting work, ALWAYS secure long hair and loose clothing and remove necklaces, ties, dangling ID badges, jewelry, watch or rings. Use the proper personal protection equipment for the task at hand.  Report any injury, broken or damaged tools and abnormal equipment to your supervisor. Always think safety and strictly follow shop safety rules. If you are unsure of how to operate equipment after training, stop and ask your supervisor for help.

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