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Waste Preparation

Waste Preparation Rules

  • Each group will store its waste inside the laboratory until arrangements for pick up have made through EH&S . 
  • Containers shall be clearly marked and placed where they can be easily spotted.  Complete a red chemical disposal form and affix it to the waste container.
  • Chemicals that needs refrigeration or must be stored in a hood must be left in a refrigerator or hood until the specified pick up. 
  • Collection of solvents: All 5 gallon containers of non-halogenated and halogenated waste will be collected every Friday.  All container shall be closed with the appropriate lids and labeled.  Ensure that the label contains the full chemical name(s) and the percentages of mixtures, volume and the name of the generator.
  • For all other chemicals, ensure that they are properly labeled.
  • Unknowns are unacceptable.
  • Do not pour any flammable, water immiscible, water reactive or highly toxic chemicals down the drain.
  • Whenever plastic containers are used make sure that they are compatible with the chemical to be stored.  Use a waste container with a volume as close to that of the waste as possible.  Contaminated lab ware shall be placed in clear plastic bags for disposal and then sealed.  The bag shall contain no liquid.

PCB related Materials
Materials containing PCBs should not be thrown in the dumpsters.  These include ballasts, capacitors and transformers.  Read the information on these items to see if they contain any PCB.  Most items without PCB will read "No PCB".  Items containing PCBs will clearly state that it has PCB.  Discard non-PCB related materials.  EH&S will make the appropriate arrangements for the disposal of those containing PCB. 

All used batteries should be brought to the battery storage cage in the grove area for recycling.

Cylinders that are either empty, no longer in use or have exceeded their shelf life must be collected and disposed of appropriately.  Empty cylinders shall be marked AMT@.  All lecture bottles should be identified.  

Mixed waste
All chemical waste containing radioactive material shall be reported to the Radiation Safety Office for proper handling. For chemical-biological waste see the biological waste.