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Safety Practices for Working in the Biological Safety Cabinet and in the Tissue Culture Room (or Suite)

Use of antimicrobial gel or wipe

When working with biological materials (e.g., infectious agents, human blood or materials, human cell lines, recombinant DNA molecules), a sink for handwashing should be present. When no sink is available, antimicrobial gel or wipe must be used after work followed by immediate handwashing in a sink.

Information on the gel or wipe

Description Size Fisher Cat. No.
BacdownGel Packaging 4 oz/30 x 4 oz case 1 gal/4 x 1 gal case 04-355-47 04-355-46
Bacdown Antimicrobial Skin Wipe Packaging 50 wipes/pk 04-355-60

Use of Bunsen burner with pilot light

When working in a BSC with a valid certification, use of a Bunsen burner is not necessary and thus for the safety reason, is not recommended. However, if it is used, only Touch-O-Matic Bunsen burner with a pilot light (Fisher Cat. No. 03-975) is allowed in the BSC and a full flame must never be left unattended even for a brief period of time.

Protection of vacuum line

When working with biological materials, protection of a vacuum line is required between the trap bottle and the vacuum nozzle. This can be achieved by inserting a 0.22 mm filter.