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Certificate of Environmental
Safety Compliance for Grant Applications

A number of granting agencies require proof of compliance with applicable Federal, State and local environmental and occupational safety regulations. Except for the use of radioactive materials on the CUMC campus, Environmental Health & Safety will typically be responsible for indicating compliance. Applicants needing this type of sign-off must:

  • Provide certification dates for the following used in the laboratory:

Chemical Fume Hoods______________________________
Biological Safety Cabinets (outside vendor)______________

  • Provide the appropriate Hazardous Materials Appendix for any use of rDNA, infectious materials (including human cell lines), or lasers (class 3b or 4a). 

    • This includes any existing Appendices attached to the PI’s current IACUC or IRB protocols .
    • A separate Appendix is also required for current or proposed “in vitro only” work with any of the aforementioned materials in the PI’s lab regardless of whether those materials are to be used in the work described in the grant proposal.
  • Ensure that all violations (Fire Safety/Radiation Safety/EH&S) are corrected.  The Certificate of Environmental Safety Compliance will not be issued until corrective actions are taken.

Go to, in the “Compliance” section, open “Hazardous Materials” and complete the appropriate Appendix. 

  • Provide the IACUC protocol numbers for any experiments to be, or that would continue to be funded by the grant.
  • Give consideration to sending one (or more) laboratory staff for Certificate of Fitness (COF) training. FDNY requires that there be a COF holder present whenever a lab is in operation, including nights and weekends.  (

This must be submitted to your Research Safety Specialist for review before EH&S approval.
Please call us with any questions.

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  • Medical Center (CUMC): 212)305-6780 (Phone) (212)305-0318 (Fax)