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Personal Protective Equipment

Columbia University’s Personal Protective Equipment Policy addresses the use of PPE in all University laboratories & support areas. The Policy is designed to ensure that the University’s research & teaching community understand proper PPE selection, PPE use and maintenance, and meet established safety standards.

PPE Policy PPE Policy

The appropriate use of PPE is critical in reducing exposure to laboratory hazards and represents the last line of defense against potential exposure.  PPE is provided at no cost to affected personnel and used whenever the potential for occupational exposure exists. In most instances, the minimum level of PPE for laboratory personnel consists of a lab coat, gloves, and eye protection.

Please visit the links below for detailed information regarding PPE:

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In addition to understanding the appropriate uses of various types of PPE, it is equally important to realize that all PPE items have limitations that should be considered in making a selection.  Please note, PPE should never be used as a substitute for proper engineering and administrative controls or prudent work practices, but only as an additional measure of protection once all other reasonable precautions have been taken.