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Community Right-to-Know

Columbia University is required by law to prepare and submit to NYCDEP an annual inventory of hazardous or toxic substances present at our facility. This requirement, known as Right-to-Know reporting, is due by March 1 every year.

Each year, laboratories at the Columbia University Medical Center have inventoried their chemicals and provided the Department of Environmental Health and Safety with a comprehensive list of such substances and amounts used in each individual laboratory to be included in the Annual Report filing.

This is a perfect opportunity to re-inventory your laboratory’s chemical stock after recent laboratory cleanouts performed both for the EPA self-audit and for the Dean’s Clean-Up 2004 (CUP) program. We would like to reiterate the importance of ordering and stocking only those chemicals which are needed for near-term usage - over-ordering results in high costs, both for your laboratory and for disposal of outdated chemicals.

Kindly review your previous Laboratory Chemical Inventory list from 2003 and update it as necessary, or create a new inventory for your lab chemicals.

If your laboratory is newly established and you have never prepared a Laboratory Chemical Inventory, a comprehensive list of chemicals utilized and stored must be submitted to EH&S. The new or revised inventory should be submitted electronically to

The new or revised inventories must be submitted no later than February 18th each year.

If you have any questions or require technical assistance from EH&S, please contact Laboratory Safety at 305-6780, e-mail

Click Here for instructions on completing the inventory

Click Here for a blank inventory template